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Sure Success-All India 03 questions

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 In the All India 2003 exam, out of 200 questions, answers for 72 questions can be found in the book “Sure success in PG medical Entrance-2nd edn, by Ramgopal, Jaypee publishers, Delhi”, which effectively means that 72 questions have appeared from this book.

 The 72 questions and answers along with reference page numbers are given alongside (SSPG) to further emphasize the usefulness of this book and the motto – “Maximum Information in Minimum Time”.


1.  Strong correlation with colorectal cancer is seen in:

1. Peutz-Jegher's polyp.
2. Familial polyposis coli.
3. Juvenile polyposis.
4. Hyperplastic polyp.

Ans. 2. SSPG (285).

 2.  Medullary carcinoma of the thyroid is associated with which of the following syndrome:

1. MEN I.
2. MEN II.
3. Fraumeni syndrome.
4. Hashimoto's thyroiditis

Ans. 2. SSPG (106).

 3.  All of the following are the electrocardiographic features of severe hyperkalemia except.

1. Peaked T waves.
2. Presence of U waves.
3. Sine wave pattern.
4. Loss of P waves.

Ans. 2. SSPG (191).

 4.  The correct sequence of cell cycle is:

1. G0-G1-S-G2-M.
2 .G0-G1-G2-S-M.
3 .G0-M-G2-S-G1.
4 .G0-G1-S-M-G2.

Ans. 1. SSPG (84).

 5.  Haemorrhage secondary to heparin administration can be best corrected by administration of:

1. Vitamin K.
2. Whole blood.
3. Protamine.
4. Ascorbic acid.

Ans. 2. SSPG (151).

 6.  An anesthetist orders a new attendant to bring the oxygen cylinder. He will ask the attendant to identify the correct cylinder by following color code:

1.Black cylinder with white shoulders.
2.Black cylinder with gray shoulders.
3.White cylinder with black shoulders.
4.Grey cylinder with white shoulders.

Ans. 1. SSPG (361).

 7.  A 25 years old male is undergoing incision and drainage of abscess under general anesthesia with spontaneous respiration. The most efficient anaesthetic circuit is:

1.Mapleson A.
2.Mapleson B.
3.Mapleson C.
4.Mapleson D.

Ans.1. SSPG (361).

 8.  All of the following muscles are grouped together as muscles of mastication except:


Ans. 1. SSPG (1).

9.  The right coronary artery supplies all of the following parts of the conducting system in the heart except:

1.SA Node.
2.AV Node.
3.AV Bundle.
4.Right boundle branch.

Ans.. SSPG (18).

 10.  The primary defect which leads to sickle cell anemia is:

1.An abnormality in porphyrin part of hemoglobin.
2.Replacement of glutamate by valine in B-chain of HbA.
3.A nonsense mutation in the B-chain of HbA.
4.Substitution of valine by glutamate in the a-chain of Hba.

Ans. 2. SSPG (73).

 11.  The following separation technique depends on the molecular size of the protein:

1.Chromatography on a carboxymethyl (CM) cellulose column.
2.Iso-electric focusing.
3.Gelfiltration chromatography.
4.Chromatography on a diethylaminoethly (DEAE) cellulose column.

Ans. 3. SSPG (478).

 12.  An increase in which of the following parameters will shift the O2 dissociation curve to the left.

1. Temperature.
2. Partial pressure of CO2
3. 2,3 DPG concentration.
4. Oxygen affinity of haemoglobin.

Ans. 4. SSPG (47).

 13.  At the end of a balanced anaesthesia technique with non-depolarizing muscle relaxant, a patient recovered spontaneously from the effect of muscle relaxant without any reversal. Which is the most probable relaxant the patient had received?


Ans. 3. SSPG (374).

14.  A 30 year old man came to the outpatient department because he had suddenly developed double vision. On examination it was found that his right eye, when at rest, was turned medially. The most likely anatomical structures involved are:

1.Medial rectus and superior division of oculmotor nerve.
2.Inferior oblique and inferior division of oculomotor nerve.
3.Lateral rectuas and abducent nerve.
4.Superior rectus and trochlear nerve.

Ans. 3. SSPG (339).

 15.  In the management of leprosy, Lepromin test is most useful for:

1. Herd Immunity.
2 .Prognosis.
3. Treatment.
4. Epidemiological investigations.

Ans. 2. SSPG (248).

 16.  Acantholysis is characteristic of:

1. Pemphigus vulgaris.
2. Pemphigoid.
3. Erythema multiforme.
4. Dermatitis hepetiformis.

Ans.1. SSPG (238,242).

 17.  Mummification refers to:

1. Hardening of muscles after death.
2. Colliquative putrifaction.
3. Saponification ofsubcutaneous fat.
4. Dessication of a dead body.

Ans. 4. SSPG (178).

 18.  A 60 years old man is diagnosed to be suffering from Legionnaires disease after he returns home from attending a convention. He could have acquired it:

1. From a person suffering from the infection while traveling in the aeroplane.
2. From a chronic carrier in the convention center.
3. From inhalation of the aerosal in the air conditioned room at convention center.
4. By sharing an infected towel with a fellow delegate at the convention.

Ans. 3. SSPG (125).

 19.  All of the following are known risk factors for development of endometrial carcinoma except:

1. Obesity.
2. Family History.
3. Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy
4. Early Menopause.

Ans. 4. SSPG (415).

 20.  A vascular necrosis can be possible sequelae of fracture of all the following bones, except:

1. Femur neck
2. Scaphoid.
3. Talus.
4. Calcaneum.

Ans. 4. SSPG (309).

 21.  A 31 year old female patient complaints of bilateral impairment of hearing for the past 5 years. On examination, tympanic membrance is normal and aduiogram shows a bilateral conductive deafness. Impedance audiometry. Shows as type of curve and acoustic reflexes are absent. All constitute part of treatment, except:

1. Hearing aid.
2. Stapedectomy.
3. Sodium Fluoride.
4. Gentamicin.

Ans. 4. SSPG (349).

 22.  Thirty-eight children consumed eatables procured from a single source at a picnic party. Twenty children developed abdominal cramps followed by vomiting and watery diarrhea 6-10 hours after the party. The most likely etiology for the outbreak is:

1. Rotavirus infection.
2. Entero-toxigenic E.Coli infection
3. Staphylococcol toxin.
4. Claustridium perfringens infection.

Ans. 4. SSPG (197).

 23.  An increased incidence of cholangiocarcinoma is seen in all ofthe following, except:

1. Hydatid cyst of liver.
2. Polycystic disease of liver.
3. Sclerosing cholangitis.
4. Liver flukes.

Ans. 1. SSPG (291).

 24.  All of the following are features of hallucinations, except:

1.It is independent of the will of the observer.
2.Sensory organs are not involved.
3.It is a vivid as that in a true sense perception.
4. It occurs in the absence of perceptual stimulus.

Ans. 2. SSPG (253).

 25.  A recurrent bilateral conjunctivitis occurring with the onset of hot weather in young boys with symptoms of burning, itching, and lacrimation with polygonal raised areas in the palpebral conjunctiva is:

1. Trachoma.
2. Phlyctenular conjunctivitis.
3. Mucopurulent conjunctivitis.
4. Vernal kerato conjunctivitis.

Ans. 4. SSPG (336).

 26.  All of the following conditions may predispose to pulmonary embolism except:

1. protein S deficiency.
2. Malignancy.
3. Obesity.
4. Progesterone therapy.

Ans. 4. SSPG( 103).

 27.  What is most characteristic of congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis:

1.Affects the first born female child.
2.The pylori tumour is best feld during feeding.
3.The patient is commonly marasmic.
4.Loss of appetite occurs early.

Ans. 2. SSPG (279).

 28.  All of the following may occur in Noonan's syndrome except:

1.Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
2.Crypto orchitis
3.Infertility in females.
4.Autosomal dominant transmission.

Ans. 3. SSPG (434).

29.  A 40 year old male developed persistent oral ulcers followed by multiple flaccid bullae on trunk and extremities. Direct examination of a skin biopsy immunofluorescence showed intercellular igG deposits inthe epidermis. The most probable diagnosis is:

1.Pemphigus vulgaris.
2.Bullous Pemphigoid.
3.Bullous Lupus erythematosus.
4.Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita.

Ans.1. SSPG (242).

 30.  The most reliable criteria in Gustafson's method of identification is:

1.Cementum apposition.
2.Transparency of root.
4.Root resorption.

Ans. 2. SSPG (176).

31.  Normal anion gap metabolic acidosis is caused by:

3.Ethylene glycol poisoning.
4.Lactic acidosis.

Ans. 1 .SSPG (42).

 32.  An 8 month old child presented with itchy, exudative lesions on the face, palms and soles, The siblings also have similar complaints. The treatment of choice in such a patient is:

1. Sytemic ampicillin.
2. Topical betamethasone.
3. Systemic prednisolone.
4. Topical permethrin.

Ans 4. Sure success…dermat, psych …book (236).

 33.  A 30-yer-old HIV positive patient presents with fever, dyspnoea and non-productive cough. Patient is cyanosed. His chest X-ray reveals bilateral, symmetrical interstitial infiltrates. The most likely diagnosis is:

1. Tuberculosis.
2. Cryptococcosis.
3. Pneunocytis carinii pneumonia.
4. Toxoplasmosis.

Ans. 3. SSPG (425).  

34.  Extensive pleural thickening and calcification expecially involving the diaphragmatic pleura are classical features of:

1. Coal worker's pneumoconiosis.
2. Asbestosis.
3. Silicosis.
4. Siderosis.

Ans. 2. SSPG (90).

 35.  Which of the following is the most common location of hypertensive hemorrhage?

1. Pons.
2. Thalamus.
3. Putamen/external capsule.
4. Subcortical white matter.

Ans. 3. SSPG (97).

 36.  Type IV hypersensitivity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen may manifest as:

1. Iridocylitis.
2. Polyarteritis nodosa.
3. Phlyctenular conjunctivitis.
4. Giant cell arteritis.

Ans. 3. SSPG (336).

 37.  In a patient with AIDS chorioretinitis is typically caused by:

1. Cytomegalvirus.
2. Toxoplasma gondii.
3. Cryptococcus neoformans.
4. Histoplasma capsulatum.

Ans. 1. SSPG (426).

 38.  Laporatomy performed in a case of ovarian tumor revealed unilateral ovarian tumor with ascities positive for malignatn cells and positive pelvic lyjph nodes. All other structures were free of disease. what is stage of the disease:

1. Stage IIc.
2. Stage IIIa.
3. Stage IIIb.
4. Stage IIIc.

Ans. 4. SSPG (417)

 39.  All of the following may be observed in a normal pregnancy except:

1. Fall in serum iron concentration falls.
2. Increase in serum iron building capacity.
3. Increase in blood viscosity increases.
4. Increase in blood oxygen carrying capacity.

Ans 3. SSPG (407).

 40.  A 38 year old man is posted for extraction of last molar tooth under general anaesthesia as a day care case. He wishes to resume his work after 6 hours. which one of the following induction agents is preferred:

1. Thiopentone sodium
2. Ketamine.
3. Diazepam.
4. propofol

Ans 4. SSPG (368).

 41.  Sciatic nerve palsy may occur in the following injury:

1. Posterior dislocation of hip joint.
2. Fracture neck of femur.
3. Trochanteric fracture.
4. Anterior dislocation of hip.

Ans. 1. SSPG (309).

 42.  Carharts notch in audiogram is deepest frequency of:

1. 0.5KHz
2. 2 KHz.
3. 4 KHz.
4. 8 KHz.

Ans. 2. SSPG (349).

 43.  A 45 day old infant developed icterus and two days later symptoms and signs of acute liver failure appeared. Child was found to be positive for HBs Ag. The mother was also HBs Ag carrier. The mother's hepatitis B serological profile is likely to be:

1. HBs Ag positive only.
2. HBsAg and HBeAg positivity.
3. HBsAg and anti-Hbe antibody positivity.
4. Mother infected with mutant HBV.

Ans. 2. SSPG (128).

 44.  All of the following statements about NK cells are true. except:

1. They are derived from large granular cells.
2. They comprise about 5% of human peripheral lymphoid cells.
3. They are MHC restricted cytotoxic cells
4. They express lgG Fc receptors.

Ans. 3. SSPG (447).

 45.  Leukoelrythroblastic picture may be seen in all of the following except:

1. Myelofibrois.
2. Metastatic careinoma.
3. Gaucher’s disease.
4. Thalassemia.

Ans.4. SSPG (103).

 46.  A nineteen year old female with short stature wide spread nipples and primary amenorrhoea most likely has a karyotype of :

1. 47, XX +18
2. 46,XXY
3. 47,XXY
4. 45X.

Ans. 4. SSPG (434).

 47.  The induction agent of choice in day care anaesthesia is :

1. Sevoflurane.
2. Ketamine .
3. propofol.
4. Methohexitone .

Ans.3. SSPG. (368).

 48.  Induction agent that may cause adrenal cortex suppeession is :

1. Ketamine
2. Etomidate.
3. propofol.
4. Thiopentone

Ans.2. SSPG (368).

 49.  Restriction fragment length polymophism is used for:

1. Analysis of chromosome structure.
2. DNA estimation.
3. Synthesis of nucleic acid.
4. Detecting proteins in a cell.

Ans 1. SSPG (478).

 50.  A post-operative cardiac surgical patient developed sudden hypotension, raised central venous pressure, pulses paradoxus at the 4th post operative hour. The most probable diagnosis is .

1.Excessive mediastinal bleeding.
2. Ventricular dysfunction.
3. Congestive cardiac failure.
4. Cardiac tamponade.

Ans.4. SSPG (191).

 51.  Kinebock’s disease is due to avascular necrosis of:

1. Femoral neck.
2. Medial cuneiform bone.
3. Lunate bone.
4. Scaphoid bone.

Ans. 3. SSPG (312).

 52.  A 50-year old male. Working as a hotel cook, has four dependent family members. He has been diagnosed with an early stage squamous cell cancer of anal canal. He has more than 60% chances of cure. The best treatment option is:

1. Abdomino-perineal resection.
2. Combined surgery and radiotherapy.
3. Combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
4. Chemotherapy alone.

Ans. 3. SSPG (286).

 53.  Hypocalcemia is characterized by all of the following features except:

1. Numbness and tingling of circumoral region.
2. Hyperactive tendon reflexes.
3. Shortening of Q-T interval in ECG.
4. Carpopedal spasm.

Ans.3. SSPG (191).

 54.  Which of the following statements is true about endemic typhus.

1. Is caused by R. rickettsii.
2. Is transmitted by the bite of fleas.
3. Has no mammalian reservoir.
4. Can be cultured in chemical defined culture medium.

Ans. 2. SSPG (102).

 55.  A 20- year-old man has presented with increased alcohol consumption and sexual indulgence, irritability, lack of sleep, and not feeling fatigued even on prolonged periods of activity. Activity. All these changes have beenpresent for 3 weeks . The most likely diagnosis is:

1. Alcohol dependence.
2. Schizophrenia.
3. Mania.
4. Impulsive control disorder .

Ans.3. Sure Success …psych, dermat book (25).

 56.  An alcoholic is brought to the Emergency OPD with the complaint of irrelevant talking. He had stopped using alcohol three days back. On examination, he is found to be disoriented to time, place and person. He also has visual illusions and hallucinations. ‘There is no history of head injury. The most likely diagnosis is:

1. Dementia praecox.
2. Delirium tremens.
3. Schizophrenia.
4. Korsakoff’s psychosis.

Ans.2. SSPG (267).

 57.  A 41 year old married female presented with headacje for the last six month . she had several consultations. All her investigatons were found to be within normal limits. She still insists that threr is something wrong in her head and seeks another consulatatin. The most likel diagnosis is :

1. Phobia .
2. Psychogenic headache.
3. Hypochondriasis Depression.
4. Depression

Ans.3. Sure Success …psych, dermat book (33).

 58.  All of the following are impulse control disorders except;

1. Pyromania.
2. Trichotillomania.
3. Kleptomania.
4. Capgras’ sydrome.

Ans.4. SSPG (263).

 59.  A 15 year old boy feels that the dirt has hung onto him whenever he passes through the dirty street. This repetitive thought causes much distress and anxiety. He knows that there is actually no such thing after he has cleaned once but he is not satisfied and is compelled to think so. This has led to social withdrawal. He spends much of his time thinking about the dirt and contamination. This has affected his studies also. The most likely diagnosis is:

1. Obsessive compulsive disorder.
2. Conduct disorder.
3. Agoraphobia.
4. Adjustment disorder.

Ans.1. SSPG (258).

 60.  Most suitable radioisotope of iodine for treating hyperthyroidism is:

1. I 123
2. I 125
3. I 131
4. I 132

Ans.3. SSPG (460).

 More qns to come with ref pg nos. soon.