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Sure Success-Gangaram Hosp DNB qns

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Below are the questions from the SIR GANGARAM HOSPITAL DNB WRITTEN TEST - 25.05.03 provided by some helpful doctors for the benefit of other students on one of the message boards. Thanks for the same.

 The questions for which answers can be found in Sure Success in PG Medical Entrance 2nd edn. by Ramgopal, Jaypee Brothers Med Publishers, New Delhi. along with reference page numbers are given alongside (SSPG) to further emphasize the usefulness of this book.

 As you can see below the answers for about 44 questions (nearly 38% of the questions) can be found in this single book.


 Memory based Qs. contributed by- Dr. Pankaj RK Prasad, Dr. Rashmi, Dr. Atul

1. All are true about umbilical cord EXCEPT

two umbilical arteries/ one umbilical vein/ covered by chorion/ contains Wharton's jelly

Ans C . SSPG2 (405)


2. Double bubble sign is seen in-- duodenal atresia.

SSPG2 (380).


3. Fluid filled dilated oesophagus with no gas in stomach is seen in-- achalasia cardia

SSPG2 (293)


4. Portal vein is formed by joining of splenic vein with-- superior mesenteric vein

SSPG2 (33)


5. Uterus is formed by-- mullerian duct

SSPG2 (28)


6. Fallopian tube is formed by-- mullerian duct

SSPG2 (29) 


7. Epoophoron is-- remnant of Wolffian duct

 SSPG2 (5)


8. Thyroid develops from

2nd pharyngeal pouch/ 3rd pharyngeal pouch/ thyroglossal duct


9. Valve of Hasner is found in-- nasolacrimal duct/ Eustachian tube

SSPG2 (351) 


10. All the muscles are supplied by 3rd cranial nerve EXCEPT-- superior oblique

SSPG2 (323)


11. Most common cause of angina not of vascular origin is-- aortic stenosis


12. Carcinoid syndrome most commonly involves

tricuspid and pulmonary valve/ tricuspid and mitral valve


13. Adrenaline in cardiac arrest should be given in the following concentration

1:1000/ 1:10000/ 1:100000/ any concentration


14. Treatment of choice in ventricular fibrillation is

electrical cardioversion/ lignocaine


15. Which of the following arrhythmias is most commonly associated with syncope-

atrial fibrillation/ ventricular tachycardia/ complete A-V block


16. Post thyroidectomy, right sided vocal cord paralysis is due to damage of _______ nerve near ______ artery

·    recurrent laryngeal nerve, inferior thyroid artery

·    recurrent laryngeal nerve, superior thyroid artery


17. Wrist drop is due to damage to radial nerve in

upper arm/ wrist/ hand

SSPG2 (310)


18. Angiotensin converting enzyme is secreted in

sarcoidosis/ miliary tuberculosis/ brucellosis/ none of the above

Ans A. SSPG Derm… (252) 


19. Hypercalcaemia in a malignant disease without secondaries, the primary should be searched in

breast/ liver/ pituitary


20. True about seminoma is-- most common type of testicular tumour in undescended testis


21. Treatment of choice for Paget’s disease of the breast-- biopsy and simple mastectomy


22. Prominent U-wave is seen in

hypokalaemia/ hyperkalaemia

 SSPG2 (191)


23. U-shaped audiogram is seen in

secretory otitis media/ otosclerosis


24. Malignant otitis extra is-- infectious disease

 SSPG2 (346)


25. A non-healing ulcer on the side of the nose is most probably

basal cell carcinoma/ squamous cell carcinoma


26. During pregnancy true is

PBI is increased/ thyroid binding capacity is increased


27. During pregnancy true is

GFR is increased/ BUN is increased/ renal plasma flow is increased/ increased creatinine clearance

Ans A, C, D SSPG2 (408)


28. Healing of wound requires all EXCEPT

copper/ zinc/ vitamin C/ calcium


29. In syringomyelia sensation which is lost is

pain and temperature/ touch


30. In a child having acute post streptococcal glomerulonephritis, which of the following is not present

oedema/ hypertension/ coffee coloured urine/ polyuria


31. PAN does not involve

peripheral neuropathy/ lymphadenopathy/ glomerulonephritis/ fever and leucocytosis


32. What is the difference between lymph node and tonsil

presence of sinuses/ presence of lining epithelium/ T cell/ B cell


33. Which is the most appropriate indicator of sufficient ventilation

pCO2=40%/ pCO2=80%/ pH=7.35/ SpO2=99%


34. True about hepatitis D virus is-- associated with hepatitis B virus

SSPG2 (218)


35. Correct about Klebsiella pneumonia is

involves upper lobe/ involves middle lobe/ treatment with cloxacillin eradicates it


36. Early step to prevent gas gangrene

prophylactic immunisation/ debridment/ hyperbaric oxygen


37. Normal level of 24-hour urine protein-- 150 mg


38. Folic acid requirement during pregnancy

100/ 150/ 300/ 500


39. Best study in a hospital setup

cohort/ case-control/ longitudinal/ cross sectional


40. The age of the foetus with fused eyelids is

6 weeks to 6 months/ 2 to 9 months/ 7 to 9 months


41. Most common manifestation of hypernatraemia is

gastro-intestinal/ respiratory/ CNS


42. Which of the following is not a bronchodilator

atropine/ corticosteroid/ salbutamol/ theophylline


43. Most important test for haemophilia



44. Hair on end appearance is seen in-- haemolytic anaemia

SSPG2 (393)


45. Mode of action of progesterone in decreasing dysmenorrhoea is

inhibiting oestrogen/ inhibiting ovulation/ increasing the pain threshold


46. Pinpoint pupil, fever, and paralysis is due to-- pontine haemorrhage


47. Megaloblastic anaemia does not manifest as

macrocytic anaemia/ pancytopenia/ aplastic anaemia/ thrombocytopenia


48. Severe hypernatraemia in a child is treated by

normal saline/ 1.5% saline/ 3% saline/ sodium bicarbonate


49. Whichever following is not used to test Down's syndrome

AFP/ HCG/ oestriol/ progesterone

Ans D. SSPG2 (433)


50. Turnover time of the water content of amniotic fluid is

1 hour/ 3 hours/ 24 hours


51. After delivery, thrombosis of the uterine vessels occurs in

immediately/ 2 to 3 days/ 4 to 6 days


52. Hyperprolactinaemia occurs in all EXCEPT

hyperthyroidism/ hyperthyroidism/ phenothiazine therapy


53. Sodium concentration in isotonic saline is

134/ 144/ 154/ 164 mEq


54. Primary amenorrhoea occurs in all EXCEPT-- PCOD


 55. In diabetes, antibodies against B-cell and glutamate transferase are seen in

type 1/ type 2 DM


56. Pheochromocytoma arises from-- chromaffin cells


57. All are true about arrhenoblastoma EXCEPT

·    it is a masculinizing tumour

·    it starts from adrenal rest cells

·    recurs in 25% of the cases

·    occurs in 20-30 years age group

 SSPG2 (418)


58. Argentaffinoma secretes-- serotonin


59. Most important contributory factor for plasma osmolality is-- albumin


60. Solitary biliary stone is mostly composed of

cholesterol/ calcium bilirubinate/ pigments


61. Prostaglandin is synthesised from

essential fatty acids/ nonessential fatty acids/ essential amino acids/ nonessential amino acids


62. All are synthesised in the body EXCEPT

riboflavin/ thiamine/ cyanocobalamin/ vitamin K


63. Which disease occurs in people eating maize as a staple diet-- Vit B1 deficiency/ pellagra


64. All are correct about rickets EXCEPT

cupping and fraying/ bowing of the legs/ ground glass appearance/ craniotabes

SSPG2 (395)


65. Radiological feature of osteomalacia is-- looser's zone

 SSPG2 (395)


66. Pseudo-paralysis occurs in

vitamin C deficiency/ vitamin D deficiency


67. Phrenoderma occurs in-- vitamin a deficiency


68. Trop-T is used to investigate

acute myocardial infarction/ LVF

Ans A. SSPG2 (76)


69. A child with varicella infection presents with shingles, which viral infection will not occur in later life in him

pox/ herpes

SSPG derm…(219)


70. Which of the following is a live vaccine

polysaccharide influenza vaccine/ varicella immunoglobulin


71. HLA B27 is present in all EXCEPT

seronegative rheumatoid arthritis/ psoriatic arthritis/ ankylosing spondylitis


72. Carcinoma that occurs in aniline dye workers-- bladder cancer

 SSPG2 (221)


73. CD4 marker is present in

neutrophils/ lymphocytes/ RBC/ platelets

SSPG2 (424)


74. Turners syndrome is most commonly associated with

coarctation of aorta/ PDA/ VSD

SSPG2 (434) 


75. All our true about tetralogy of Fallot EXCEPT

right sided aortic arch/ pulmonary oligaemia/ cardiomegaly/ dilated aorta

SSPG2 (231)


76. Most common eye manifestation of chloroquine is

optic neuritis/ retinopathy

SSPG2 (333)


77. Treatment of choice is for cerebral malaria-- quinine


78. True about multiple myeloma is

monoclonal gammopathy/ Polyclonal gammopathy


79. Which are the following is not destroyed by

staphylococcal exotoxin/ bacillary dysentery organism


80. Most common infection after splenectomy

gram positive/ gram negative


81. Fever one-day after operation is most probably due to
aseptic traumatic pyrexia/ antibiotic fever/ infection

82. Number of chromosomes in a somatic cell is
21/ 22/ 23/ none of the above

83. Best investigation for the diagnosis of kala-azar

complement fixation test/ bone-marrow aspiration/ peripheral blood smear examination

84. Dengue fever is transmitted by-- Aedes aegypti
SSPG2 (167)

85. Most common intraocular tumour in adults
malignant melanoma/ retinoblastoma/ secondaries
SSPG2 (339)

86. The lipoprotein which has inverse relationship with coronary artery disease

HDL/ LDL/ chylomicrons


87. H. pylori causes
gastric carcinoma/ peptic ulcer
SSPG2 (282)

88. Splinter haemorrhage is seen in
infective endocarditis/ rheumatic fever

89. Thrombocytopenia is seen in all EXCEPT-- Henoch Schonlein purpura

90. The least common site of lymphoma in GIT is
oesophagus/ stomach/ small intestine/ colon

91. Quinolones are not given in
UTI/ typhoid/ seizure disorder

92. Mallory hyaline bodies are found in
alcoholic hepatitis/ acute hepatitis A
SSPG2 (101)

93. Most common causative agent of bronchiolitis in children is-- respiratory syncitial virus

94. For cyanosis to occur, the reduced Hb level should be more than-- 5 g%

95. Which is both an alpha and a beta blocker-- Labetalol
SSPG2 (139)

96. Visible carotid pulsation in aortic regurgitation is
Corrigan sign/ Demusset sign/ collapsing pulse/ water hammer pulse

97. HIV positivity to full-blown AIDS case takes
1-2 yrs/ 2-4 yrs/ 7-10 yrs
SSPG2 (425)

98. Which of the following does not occur in Charcot's joint

hypermobility/ pain/ effusion/ broken end of the bone

99. All are correct about measles EXCEPT
incubation period of 10 to 12 days/ exanthematous rashes
SSPG dermat… (217)

100. What is the APGAR score of a blue, floppy newborn with pulse rate < 70 per minute, and grimacing on nasal catheter
2/ 3/ 4/ 5
SSPG2 (225)

101. Cold antibodies are present in
mycoplasma/ lymphoma/ SLE
SSPG2 (97)

102. Central portion of the tympanic membrane is called
umbo/ fovea centralis
SSPG2 (342)

103. Most characteristic hallucination in alcoholics is
visual/ auditory
SSPG2 (267)

104. Tamoxifen is used in treatment of-- breast carcinoma

105. All are features of pellagra EXCEPT
dementia/ diarrhoea/ dermatitis/ dyspnoea

106. Increased bone density is seen in all EXCEPT
hypophosphataemia/ osteopetrosis/ renal osteodystrophy/ hypervitaminosis A

107. Contaminant used in adulteration of mustard oil-- argemone

108. True about aqueduct of Sylvius is

·    connects third and fourth ventricle

·    connects both lateral ventricles

·    3 cm long

SSPG2 (75)


109. CSF is formed mainly in
choroid plexus/ arachnoid granulations
SSPG2 (75)

110. Not a component of basal ganglia
amygdala/ putamen/ caudate nucleus/ substantia nigra

111. Posterior mediastinal tumour-- neurogenic tumour

SSPG2 (295) 

 112. Mode of action of soda lime used in anaesthesia is-- to absorb carbon dioxide
SSPG2 (363)

113. Most common bone to be fractured during delivery—clavicle

 SSPG2 (226)

 114. Most suitable graft for an open wound is
isograft/ autograft/ allograft/ zenograft

115. All are features of a child born to a hyperglycaemic mother EXCEPT
hyperglycaemia/ hypocalcaemia/ respiratory distress
SSPG2 (227)

116. A child can sit without support at
3-5 mo/ 6-8 mo/ 7-10 mo
SSPG2 (224)

117. Total iron content of the body is
0.5-1.0 g/ 1.5-3.0 g/ 3-4 g

118. First permanent tooth to erupt is-- first molar

 SSPG2 (176)

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